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Announcing a new play: “Shakespeare’s Worst”
by Mike Reiss
with Nick Newlin

Mike Reiss has won four Emmys during his three decades writing for The Simpsons. He is also an award-winning playwright. His play I’m Connecticut was named Best Play of 2012 by both critics (Connecticut Critics Circle) and audiences (Broadway World).

Nick Newlin is the author of The 30-Minute Shakespeare series, 18 edited Shakespeare plays that have been performed at Folger Shakespeare Library’s annual Secondary School Shakespeare Festival over his 20 years as a teaching artist with Folger Education. For 30 years, Nick has performed as a comedy variety entertainer with Nicolo Whimsey.

The result of Reiss and Newlin’s collaboration is a hysterical one-hour version of The Two Gentlemen of Verona, where a minor character in the play knows he’s in a play and doesn’t like it.

It’s Shakespeare meets Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The laughs are fast and furious. This new play will be a smash hit at theaters, Shakespeare Festivals, college productions, Fringe Festivals, etc.

We are very excited about this outrageously funny twist on what is arguably Shakespeare’s worst play!

Please email nick@30minuteshakespeare.com to request a sample.